Good day, WSU...

We, the students of WSU, have grown tired of this university's disregard for the opinion of it's students. While this attitude of disrespect is not common, it seems to be present in some of the highest ranking university officials. It is time the university regarded students as customers, not source of income.

But students, you are just as at fault as anyone. The ASWSU "student government" is a prime culprit in this problem. Really it stems from student apathy. We just don't care.

So, here is your call to action. University officials, it's time to clean up your act. Listen to your students once in a while. Some of them know what they're talking about. And students, stop being so apathetic. When you hear or see something that troubles you make your opinion known. Do something about it. Don't just sit around and play video games or check your Facebook status.

Previously there was a list of complaints posted on this website. This campaign is not about complaining, but instead promoting responsible student activism and involvement. What was done to the classroom computers was bad, the apathy within the student body is far worse.

If you still wish to complain use the #wsu1812 hashtag on twitter.

One final note to the AMS people: We didn't break your computers. They will be back to normal at 5:01 PM. Don't worry about it. (Unless you tampered with them, in which case you should run the script "c:\v\uninstall.bat" as Administrator. This script will cleanly remove and reverse all modifications made to the systems.)

You may email V at v [at]